Vibrant stained glass Victorian front door and double sidelight frame, expertly fitted in London. This door features vibrant geometric stained glass that not only adds a burst of colour but also floods your hallway with bright, welcoming light. The laminated stained glass is designed for security, durability and beauty, ensuring your door remains a captivating, safe and warm.

Our Victorian front door is draught-proofed, providing superior energy efficiency and keeping your home warm and cozy. The door is equipped with insurance-rated locks, giving you enhanced security and peace of mind. Polished brass door furniture adds a touch of timeless elegance, perfectly complementing the classic Victorian design.

The grey painted finish offers a modern twist on a traditional look, seamlessly blending with any exterior decor. Every detail, from the vibrant geometric stained glass to the polished brass fittings, is crafted to create an inviting and stylish entrance.  The door features 8 panes of glass some of which are shaped.

Welcome guests with a door that exudes charm and character. Experience the perfect blend of historical elegance and contemporary functionality. Elevate your home’s curb appeal with our Grey Painted vibrant stained glass Victorian front door. Secure, stylish, and vibrant—this door is the perfect addition to any London home

  • Superb quality of joinery and service, developed over 40 years of experience
  • 12-Year Manufacturing Guarantee
  • Carefully designed specification for longevity, security, strength, insulation and beauty
  • Advanced draught-proofing and weather-proofing
  • FSC-certified timbers
  • Highly durable Accoya wood used for doors and frames
  • Advanced Accoya-specific paint finish with an 8-12 year re-coat time, painted in any colour
  • Wide range of glazing options, including bespoke designs
  • Installed by our skilled carpenters, backed up by our after-service
  • High security locks including traditional and multipoint
  • Members of the Assure competent persons scheme, meaning all doors and frames are signed off officially
  • Free design surveys