If you are thinking about commissioning a new door, why not take advantage of one of our free design surveys?

You will receive a personal consultation in your home with one of Cotswood’s skilled surveyors. We understand that every home is unique, and that your new door should reflect that uniqueness too. From the overall style of the door, right down to the exact shade it will be painted, your surveyor can guide you through the creation of a door that is both high-performing and beautiful, as well as utterly bespoke to you.

Your surveyor will also carry out a detailed survey of your current door. They won’t just measure up for door size – they will look carefully at all sorts of things, such as whether the locks are presently in the most secure position, and the condition of the door frame. All of this information will help us to ensure that your new door will be exactly right for you, and that the installation will run smoothly.

Next, your surveyor will talk you through how we will go about installing your door. You may have some options to explore, such as whether you would like to replace both the door and frame simultaneously. Having a new doorframe which has been made to fit your new door to perfection will give you the best result in terms of security and insulation. Your surveyor will explain the advantages of each option to you and describe exactly what would be involved in the installation process, helping you to reach an informed decision.

Everything we do at Cotswood is tailored to be as perfect as possible for you – and that includes your estimate. Your surveyor will provide you with a fixed-price estimate for your perfect new door. There are never any hidden expenses or extras: the estimate will cover everything we need to do a first-class, high-quality job and make your new door from the finest materials from start to finish. There is no pressure to place an order at this point – your surveyor will happily organise a follow-up with you.

Many of our customers are however keen to place their deposit to commission their new door there and then! We can start scheduling work in and creating the first production drawings of your beautiful new door straight away.