The glass in your new Cotswood door or window will be just as beautiful, strong and secure as your door itself. We use toughened or laminated glass for strength, and press the panes as double-glazed units wherever possible. Your new glass will look stunning and be high-performing, too.

Glazing security and insulation

In most cases, the glass we install is safety glass (toughened or laminated) which has been pressed as a thermally efficient double-glazed unit. The external pane of the unit is decorative, while the internal pane is a special type of clear glass that is excellent for insulation. A warm-edge spacer bar holds the two panes of glass apart, and the unit is filled with argon – an inert gas which increases thermal efficiency. The result is a strong, warm glass panel which will keep your home cosy and secure.

Stained glass

Sometimes referred to as leaded glass, stained glass is a popular option for decorative door glass. The potential arrangements of shapes, colours and textures are endless. If you have a beautiful original design that you already love, then we can recreate that design exactly as a modern unit. Alternatively, you may wish to commission a bespoke design. Whether you would like a design to suit a traditional or a modern door, your new leaded glass will look utterly exquisite and be perfect for your home.

Traditionally, stained glass was created from small pieces of glass joined together by leadwork. The lead provided the structure and strength to the glass pane.  At Cotswood, we use a modern technique for stained glass that is going to be inserted into exterior doors or windows.  The different colours and textures of glass are all cut out in exactly the same way as they would be for a traditional panel, but then they are bonded with the leadwork onto a separate sheet of toughened glass. The leadwork then provides a decorative rather than structural feature. This panel then gets pressed as a double-glazed unit. It will have all the beauty, texture and colour of traditional leaded glass, but will be thermally efficient and much more secure.

Etched glass

This milky-white opaque glass, patterned with transparent designs, is a classic and stylish choice for a decorative glass panel. We begin with a sheet of clear glass, which is then masked with an acrylic plastic from which the relief is cut out, leaving the design in place. The glass is then sandblasted to turn any exposed glass opaque. When the plastic is removed, the elegant transparent design is revealed. The pane is then pressed into a double-glazed unit.

Your etched glass pane could be an exact copy of your original glass design, or it could be new and completely bespoke to you. You can choose any kind of design, whether you would like a simple border or house number, or a larger and more intricate motif. We use a classic font for house numbers, but can also use other fonts upon request.

For a more decorative look for your etched glass, you may wish to incorporate brilliant cut glass. This will catch the light and add a three-dimensional feel to your design.

Bevelling and standard textures

Textured glass not only adds interest and beauty to your door, it also offers obscurity for increased privacy. You can choose from a range of ready-made textures that are typical of traditional periods such as the Victorian era or the 1930s. If you would prefer a more modern-looking texture, we have a variety of stunning options.

Bevelled glass is another beautiful form of decoration. With bevelling, the edge of your glass pane is chamfered to give an attractive three-dimensional border.

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