Garage Doors


Garages weren’t a typical part of home construction until the 1930s, when semi-detached houses began to be built. Unlike the Victorian terraces, these homes had more space around them, allowing for garages to be built, in line with the growing craze for motor cars. We can design garage doors to suit houses of all [...]

Contemporary Doors


The contemporary front doors we make at Cotswood are constructed with same high-quality traditional techniques we use for all our period doors, but with a modern look and finish. A typical contemporary front door style is usually very simple, often without decorative glass. The look is all about clean, modern lines. A contemporary front [...]

1920s and 1930s Doors


1920 - 1939 The overall look of a 1920s and 1930s front door displayed another distinct change in style. The mid-rail and letterbox (which would previously have been around waist height) shifted further up the door, making the proportions one-third above and two-thirds below. Fashions in panelling were moving on as well, and it [...]

Edwardian Doors


1901 - 1910 By the Edwardian era, front doors had become even more elaborate. Glass panels were now sometimes curved at the edges rather than wholly rectangular, and beautiful decorative aprons were often added to the wooden mid-rail. Edwardian front door designs can be truly breath-taking, building upon the Victorian theme of grandeur. [...]

Victorian Doors


1837 – 1901  During the Victorian period, four-panelled doors became popular. The top two panels were constructed of either wood or glass, with designs becoming increasingly decorative as the era progressed. Fashions did not change overnight of course, and some Victorian doors were still made with six panels. A Victorian homeowner would have [...]

Georgian Doors


1714 – 1837  The Georgian period saw panelled doors become the height of fashion for the first time, marking a move away from the simple planked doors of the past and towards a more stable mortise and tenon construction. A classic Georgian front door is based upon an elegant design of six panels. Typically, [...]