Sometimes customers wonder why Cotswood never have sales or offer discounts from our doors. There are a few reasons why we don’t, but the biggest one is this: we want to give you our best price every day of the year.

Over the last forty years we have developed the design of our doors and door frames to ensure it keeps your home looking great, warm and secure.   We simply do not cut corners at any stage of the process from making your door to installing it.

We don’t believe in falsely inflating the prices of our doors just so that we can afford to ‘discount’ them during a sales period. We are a family-run company, and we prefer to be transparent and honest in our pricing. Our surveyors ensure that each of our quotes is accurate and fair right from square one. When you order from Cotswood doors, you can be certain you are always getting the best price we can offer you, regardless of whether you place your order in January, June or December.  Our customers are important to us; and they keep coming back.  We have fitted doors for people 30 years after installing their first door!

Remember: we offer an entirely bespoke service, not a mass-produced one. We don’t have oodles of cookie-cutter doors idling in surplus, waiting to be shifted on to customers at knock-down prices. Instead, each of our doors and frames is crafted specifically to your commission, to fit your unique needs. Everything we do is tailored to be as perfect as possible for you – and that includes our prices!

We promise that we will always give you the best possible price that allows us to do the best possible job, and we promise that we will offer you that price the first time – and every time.