Introducing our stunning leadlight Victorian front door, designed to enhance the elegance of any stone portico. This royal blue front door is fitted with a new arched top door frame, painted in high-quality Teknos paint for a durable and bold finish.

The classic Victorian-style door features raised panels, capturing the timeless charm of the era. The door frame includes a semi-circular glazed transom, adorned with specially laminated leaded lights and coloured glass, adding a touch of sophistication and a splash of colour.

Our door is insulated to ensure your home remains warm and energy-efficient. Polished brass door furniture, including a traditional doctor knocker, adds a touch of refinement and authenticity to the design.

This leadlight Victorian front door is more than just an entryway; it’s a statement piece that combines historical elegance with modern functionality. Enhance your home with a door that showcases the beauty of Victorian craftsmanship, while offering the benefits of contemporary insulation and security. Make a grand entrance with a door that reflects the rich heritage of Victorian design and the durability of modern materials.

  • Superb quality of joinery and service, developed over 40 years of experience
  • 12-Year Manufacturing Guarantee
  • Carefully designed specification for longevity, security, strength, insulation and beauty
  • Advanced draught-proofing and weather-proofing
  • FSC-certified timbers
  • Highly durable Accoya wood used for doors and frames
  • Advanced Accoya-specific paint finish with an 8-12 year re-coat time, painted in any colour
  • Wide range of glazing options, including bespoke designs
  • Installed by our skilled carpenters, backed up by our after-service
  • High security locks including traditional and multipoint
  • Members of the Assure competent persons scheme, meaning all doors and frames are signed off officially
  • Free design surveys