How to choose the perfect front door colour:

Often, the easiest part of selecting a new front door for your home is picking the design which best suits your style, but there are many other things to consider. For example, which colour should you choose?

Colour Matching:

The colour of your front door has a great impact on your homes curb appeal and a luxury bespoke door can help you achieve a historically authentic look. At Cotswood we understand that each era had its own poignant and striking standout shades so we want to provide you with all the options. That’s why we offer a colour matching system that allows you to choose the perfect colour for your custom entrance. Whether you want to enhance the beautiful colours from your stained-glass panels or contrast the brickwork for a truly stunning look. We can colour match almost any shade for you, including the Farrow and Ball selection.

Teknos Paints:

We know that every step of creating your bespoke door is exciting and important so, at Cotswood, the process of crafting a bespoke door considers every last detail for a long-lasting and lustrous look. Once your door has been designed and constructed with the highest quality joinery techniques and timbers, it’s finished with Teknos paint, which is both durable and attractive. Teknos has been specifically designed to work hand-in-hand with Accoya for a long-lasting appeal and finish.

We paint all of our joinery using a state-of-the-art spray-painting system that leaves an extremely even, consistent finish. The colour options are endless and we can even split the finish on the doors so that you can have a striking colour on the outside while keeping a light, neutral colour on the inside.

We can help whether you want to choose something which aligns with your personal tastes or if you want to stay true to history. Black and red were very popular choices for Georgian front doors, Victorians enjoyed a brightly coloured front door whereas during the 1930s blue and pastel hues were favoured.

This art-deco inspired 1930s front door we recently installed was finished in St Giles blue which perfectly complements its traditional features, enhancing the yellows of the stained-glass sunburst design. It’s timeless in its appeal and creates creative cohesion throughout this entryway.

Our specification and service have been refined over 40 years’ experience and we offer free design surveys in London. If you’re looking for a hand-crafted, high-quality Cotswood door to brighten up your home then please call 020 368 1664 for further information.

Victorian front door with four panels painted purple with brass door fittings Victorian front door with four panels painted grey with brass door fittings Victorian front door with four panels painted green with brass door fittings Victorian front door with four panels painted blue with brass door fittings