A striking stained glass 1930’s front door with an Art Deco design.   The stained glass features a very classic Art Deco sunrise, but the focus on straight lines and geometric shapes gives it a really crisp appearance.  The stained glass is made with contrasting colours and textures of real glass.  The different textures create a three dimensional piece, something that can only be created with real stained glass.  The stained glass is then combined into a double glazed unit, so that it is warm and secure.   The leading is featured on the outside, so that it looks traditional.

This door is painted in  a period perfect light green colour outside.   The inside is also painted the same colour.   At Cotswood we use Teknos paints, because the look great, last for ages and are produced in a way keeping environmental impact at a minimum.  The paint on this door is a satin finish, which is our normal.  We can also paint with gloss if required.

This front door was installed into an existing door frame by our carpenters.   Firstly the door was shaped to frame, then the 1930’s stained glass was installed. The glass in the frame was also changed for a clear double glazed unit.  We were also able to make the door thicker than the old door, of which is great for security. Draught proofing was also added, completing the installation.