Bespoke glazed double doors painted in snowy white and fitted with polished chrome handles. The large clear glass panels are shaped at the top to give the impression of an archway. Simple wooden panels below the glass create a crisp minimalist look, providing a monochromatic constrast to the strong lines of the black leather sofa. The glazed double doors allow light to flow through from the hallway and create a sense of space beyond the room, while also keeping the sitting room cosy and protected from noise elsewhere in the home.

  • Superb quality of joinery and service, developed over 40 years of experience
  • 12-Year Manufacturing Guarantee
  • Carefully designed specification for longevity, security, strength, insulation and beauty
  • Advanced draught-proofing and weather-proofing
  • FSC-certified timbers
  • Highly durable Accoya wood used for doors and frames
  • Advanced Accoya-specific paint finish with an 8-12 year re-coat time, painted in any colour
  • Wide range of glazing options, including bespoke designs
  • Installed by our skilled carpenters, backed up by our after-service
  • High security locks including traditional and multipoint
  • Members of the Assure competent persons scheme, meaning all doors and frames are signed off officially
  • Free design surveys