We use Teknos paint on our doors because it is durable and attractive – just like the doors themselves. Teknos has been specifically developed to work with Accoya, the high-performance timber that we use for the majority of our doors. The paint and timber work hand-in-hand to give an impressively long-lasting finish.

While traditional brush paints will require a recoat every 3 – 6 years, Teknos paints have an astonishing maximum recoat time of 8 – 12 years. Recoat times will of course vary depending on the position of your door and the weather conditions the door is exposed to.

Your new door can be painted any colour you desire. The Teknos colour chart has a fabulous choice of colours, and we can also match any shade from the Farrow & Ball or Ral ranges. Most of our customers opt for the sleek and subtle look of a satin finish, but we also offer a gloss finish if preferred.

We do all the painting ourselves in our workshops. We use a sophisticated spray-painting technique to give a smooth and consistent finish. The spraying is entirely hand-applied, meaning that a human eye is cast over every aspect of the finish. We offer brush-painted finishes as well if you prefer, but please be aware that a hand-brushed finish will by its nature be less perfect and less durable than that of a spray-painted door.

If you prefer the natural wooden look, we can also provide a range of stains that will enhance and show off the beauty of the wood grain of your door.

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