1930s front doors displayed yet another distinct change in style; classic, colourful and modern, heavily influenced by the Art Deco movement. The elegance of a geometric stained-glass design against the three raised panels below complete the classic 1930s look, perfect for any home. This door is simple in its elegance, the block colours striking and the stained glass beautifully unique. A high-quality door like this will up your homes curb appeal and demand attention.

The homes of this period are often referred to as ‘cookie-cutter’, repetitive, simple in style and quick to construct. The 1930s saw a building boom and the demand for new homes grew, but the desire for the grandeur of earlier decades still remained.

Main features of 1930s doors:

With their distinctive styles and features, 1930’s doors are unmistakable of the era. So, how do you achieve a look so quintessentially English and charming in its architectural style and construction?

  1. These doors have a wealth of features, but arguably the most important the top glass panel. Leaded and stained glass are classic components of a door of this era. The stained-glass designs, heavily influenced by the Arts & Crafts style of the time often featured sharp, geometric patterns full of colour. It was common to see detailed sunburst and floral designs for a more intricate look or the unfussy light raised panel design for a simple style.
  2. Fashions in panelling were changing and it became more usual to see three vertical panels in the lower part of the door. Sometimes, the height of the wooden rails changed but generally, the bottom two-thirds of a classic 1930’s door were reserved for square wooden panels of an equal size.
  3. Door furniture also saw a shift up, moving from what would have previously been waist height to the upper portion of the door.
  4. And lastly, the final step to truly capture the essence and style of a 1930s door is colour. Pastel pops of colour and darker blues, greys and greens were popular for their striking look and appeal. They make for the perfect front door that captures the attention of guests and creates your dream entrance.


Sunrise 1930s front door. Door and frame painted yellow with an Art deco stained glass sunrise. Polished brass door furniture. Yellow and amber textured glass to sunrise with blue sky. Decorative shelf and apron to door with dental block

We fitted this stunning door for a client recently it came with:

  • A new door frame all made in Accoya- Lasting a lifetime and built with modern locks, insulation and seals.
  • Installation signed off with building control via Assure certification
  • Beautiful bright yellow paint
  • Tradtional Art deco stained glass sunrise


There’s so much to love about these well-designed, early modernist doors that even today the style and details fit right in with contemporary life. With a luxury bespoke door, there is no need to compromise, from colour to stained glass. Each door is designed to your exact requirements, meshing functionality and aesthetics for your perfect door.