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How is an Order Processed?

  • Following your enquiry a trained surveyor will usually discuss your requirements with you. All of our staff have a great deal of experience of joinery products and you can be sure of top quality advice.
  • You are given an itemised estimate detailing all of your wishes.  Sometimes you will be left with a sketch but if complicated this may be sent afterwards.  Please note that our doors are made to the drawing supplied to you not photographs which are unsuitable for making doors.  If yoiu have any queries about the drawing please raise as soon as possible.
  • When you are happy with the estimate we ask for a deposit of about 50% of the order value.  Once this deposit has cleared the order has been placed.
  • When your order has been received we start the manufacture process for the joinery.  It is in our interest to progress this work as quickly as possible and it usually takes 4-6 weeks.
  • We usually cannot order glass until the joinery is manufactured.  The glass normally takes about 2 weeks to manufacture.  Some people wait for the joinery to be made before deciding on glass.
  • If you have not finalised the furniture etc. you will need to do this either in person or over the telephone. please note that some items take up to 2 weeks to order.  Obviously we cannot place an order until you have finalised all of these items
  • When we have the joinery and know all of your choices we will ring you arrange either a fitting or delivery date.  We will make a mutually convenient date.  Fitting normally takes a day(sometimes longer for multiple internal doors) and we ask you to be there at the start and at the end to receive training on the working of the locks and to OK the final product.