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Details About Conservation Area Consent


7.5.2 In pursuance of its statutory duty to review its Conservation Area boundaries from time to time, the Council is surveying the Borough with a view to further designations being made in areas which accord with any of the following criteria:

(a) Areas immediately adjoining existing Conservation Areas where groups of buildings or sites form the setting and add to the character of the existing Area;

(b) Groups of listed buildings, particularly where they would benefit from grant aid for repair and/or improvement of their setting;

(c) Areas comprising redundant groups of buildings of character where wholesale change is anticipated;

(d) Substantially unaltered housing areas of distinctive architectural character and/or layout for their period;

(e) Local shopping centres, and other areas of mixed development where pleasant groups of buildings are congregated to form areas of distinctive character;

(f) Parts of the Green Belt, based on parklands, older settlements, and areas of distinctive landscape character;

(g) Historic parklands within the urban area, particularly if a garden or grounds have been laid out as an integral part of the design and layout of a listed house, together with the local environs of such parkland.

7.5.3 Subsequent to this review, it is anticipated that the Council will designate a significant number of extensions to existing Conservation Areas, as well as designating several new Conservation Areas. However, it is not intended that this be a "once and for all" review and further designations will be considered from time to time.


(a) The criteria for designation;

(b) The boundaries of existing Conservation Areas;

(c) The desirability of designating further Conservation Areas.

Safeguarding the Environment in Conservation Areas

7.5.4 The recognition that an area has a character or appearance which should be preserved or enhanced by designation as a Conservation Area, is only a preliminary to further action.

7.5.5 The Council anticipates that the major investment in the Borough's designated Conservation Areas is likely to be made by the private sector in land and buildings. Consequently, the main thrust of the Council's policies and schemes for each Area will depend upon the close regulation and guidance of private sector investment decisions through the process of planning control. The policies for the control of development, as set out below, apply in all the Borough's Conservation Areas. However, it may also be necessary from time to time for the Council to prepare supplementary policies, standards and guidelines for development in individual Conservation Areas, in response to particular local problems or opportunities that may arise. The supplementary policies, proposals and guidelines for the Enfield Town Conservation Area are set out in paras. 15.7.1 - 7.

7.5.6 Although the majority of investment in Conservation Areas during the Plan period will be from the private sector, some opportunities will arise for the Council to be pro-active in bringing about schemes of preservation and enhancement. In general, this is likely to be achieved through the close co- ordination and management of the services provided by the Council and by other public sector agencies. However, almost all such public services enjoy extensive permitted development rights. Accordingly, the Council as Local Planning Authority is only able to use powers of negotiation and influence to achieve its ends in relation to a range of matters which may be very important indeed as elements forming the character or appearance of designated Conservation Areas.

7.5.7 Similar considerations arise in relation to traffic and parking in Conservation Areas. Notwithstanding the convenience of road transport, there is now widespread public recognition of its disbenefits in terms of visual intrusion, safety, noise, and chemical pollution. Clearly it is difficult, if not impossible, to accommodate road traffic satisfactorily in areas which it is desirable to preserve or enhance. Highway works, except for the construction of new roads outside existing highway boundaries, enjoy permitted development rights and are thus not subject to planning control. Nonetheless the Council will seek to ensure that the effects of road traffic within Conservation Areas are mitigated, wherever practicable, without causing adverse conditions elsewhere and that the visual intrusion of the associated management works, street furniture and equipment is restricted to a minimum.

7.5.8 The Council will also seek to reinforce and improve the footpath network in and adjoining Conservation Areas.


As shown above the council will try and retain historic sites and also endeavor to retain period features in a conservation area.

Our trained professionals at Cotswood will seek to advise you on what can and cannot be achieved within a Conservation area and aid you in the planning and Conservation Process.