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Sash Windows, Conservation and History


Georgian, Victorian and even Edwardian Sash windows were said to have originated in Holland during the 17th Century, now they are synonymous with English period properties.

As a result many period homes now require by law to have exact like for like replacements for the windows and this is something that you should bear in mind when purchasing or renovating a period property.

 It is best to know your own council’s conservation laws for replacing old or rotten sash windows. Most Council’s will require detailed drawings, sections and details when replacing old or historic windows and that is something here at Cotswood that we can provide.

A thing to bear in mind also is how your sash window operates the best method for this is via a series of weights and pulleys or you can use an inferior spiral balance for operating your window but it is best to know exactly how it works before you purchase them.

The best thing to do is to contact your local Council and ask them for advice on exactly what information they need and then we at Cotswood can provide all the detailed drawings you need for a successful project or happy home.