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Rennie Mackintosh lead glass design (Photo)

Rennie Mackintosh

We can offer a superb range of coloured and leaded glass tailored to your own requirements.  We are able to make units which are sympathetic with the age and character of the house.  We can also help you design your own glass resulting in a truly individual piece.


We can make glass to fit in with other glazing in the home or create designs from photographs.


The standard units are made using superior colours which replicate the traditional stained glass look.  We also offer a range of leadwork e.g. soldered joints, antique finish, silver finish etc.  These units can be supplied single, double or triple glazed,


A recent popular addition to our range is the Future Unit which is real stained glass set in a triple glazed unit for stability and safety - please ring for details.


Of course real stained glass is also available.