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1930s style entrance front door with curved window and frame

White bespoke wooden 1930s front door made in accoya

A very period style bespoke 1930s front entrance door made in accoya.  Fitted with a new accoya door frame to incorporate the very highest draught proofing. Typically a 1930s design door would have three panels in the lower section, but our customer wanted to have room to fit a centre door knob so their door has two.


 • Superb quality of joinery and service, developed over 40 years of experience

• 12-Year Manufacturing Guarantee

• Carefully designed specification for longevity, security, strength, insulation and beauty

• Advanced draught-proofing and weather-proofing

• FSC-certified timbers

• Highly durable Accoya wood used for doors and frames

• Advanced Teknos Accoya paint finish with an 8-12 year recoat time

• Wide range of glazing options, including bespoke designs

• Installed by our skilled carpenters team, backed up by our after-service.