Project Description

“Even such an excellent product is only as good as how it’s hung… Dave did an excellent job; he’s a first-class carpenter with a very good eye for what looks good subjectively – he’s painstakingly precise. I can recommend Cotswood with total confidence.”
– Harry Jacobs, customer

All of our doors are crafted to the highest quality, but our responsibility to you, our customer, does not end there. We take the installation of our doors very seriously – after all, you can have the most beautiful-looking door in the world, but if it doesn’t fit properly then it isn’t a success! With the combined expertise of our surveyors and carpenters, you can rest assured that your new door will not only look fantastic, but will be installed with incredible attention to detail – so it will work fantastically, too.

We can usually install your new door within a single day, making the process as smooth and easy as possible for you. Occasionally we may need to come back to make finishing touches, but with all our external door installations we will of course ensure that your door is entirely secure at the end of the day. Just as every home is unique, we know that every installation needs to be unique as well. Whether we are installing a new frame along with your door, fitting a new door into an existing frame, or replacing decorative glasswork, you can be sure that our installation will always be of the highest standard, leaving you and your home secure and comfortable.

Installing a new door and frame together:
When we install a new frame along with your new door, we will be able to give you an absolutely flawless fit. That is because we will make the door and frame together, from exactly the same wood –– usually Accoya, which is an extremely high-performing timber. In fact, the fit is so good that it is unlikely that we will have to come back to make adjustments when the seasons change. However, for the first twelve months we will always come back free of charge and make any on-site adjustments that are needed to keep your door working smoothly. After that, it should be good for many years!

There are other advantages to having a new, purpose-built frame – including a brand new sill –installed at the same time as your door. It will enable to us to incorporate draught-proofing and weather-proofing products directly into the frame, giving your home the best possible protection against the British weather. It also means that we will be able to install a thicker door, improving the security and warmth of your home.

Your new frame and door will both be fully painted to a high standard using an advanced Teknos coating, which is designed to last 8 – 12 years between recoats. Our experienced craftsmen will make any minor repairs that might be necessary to plasterwork and render, ready for final filling and decoration. They will also include all the finishing touches such as architraves, ensuring that your door looks impeccably beautiful.

Installing a new door into an existing frame:
There are distinct advantages to replacing your doorframe at the same time as your door. That being said, if your existing doorframe is sound, it will still be possible for us to install a new door into it with a superb fit.

First, we will carefully shape the door to make sure it fits the old frame. At this point, we may also make some adjustments to the frame, such as strengthening or repairs. Sometimes our customers ask whether we can replace their door sill. Occasionally this is possible, but when you put a new sill onto an old frame the joint cannot be reformed properly, so we usually prefer to replace the whole frame for better performance.

We are experienced at working with frames that are a century old or more, so don’t worry if your frame isn’t quite straight. As long as it’s generally in good condition, there’s nothing that we’ve come up against that we haven’t been able to do our best to get over!

Sometimes it is necessary to move where the locks fit into the frame, in order to ensure that they are in the right place to make your door as secure as possible. If we do have to move the locks, then we will make sure that the frame is repaired and left ready for decoration.

We will retrofit draught-proofing to the top and sides of the frame, as well as fitting a weatherbar to the base of the door, ensuring that you are well-protected from the elements. Your door will be supplied painted front and back to a high standard with an advanced Teknos coating, which is both durable and beautiful. Once your carpenter has shaped the new door to your old frame, he will put a primer on the edges and leave you with enough paint for them to be finish-coated as well.

For the first twelve months we will come back free of charge and make any on-site adjustments necessary to keep your door working perfectly through the seasons.

Installing internal doors:
We will fit your new internal door with exactly the same accuracy and professionalism that we apply to fitting a new external door. Whether you are having a new room divider, a regulation fire door, a sliding door or a traditional period interior door, we will make sure that the fit is excellent. Because changing doorframes internally can be quite disruptive to plasterwork, we will usually work with your existing doorframe, adjusting it as necessary to fit your new door. We are used to working in people’s homes – we’re very clean and we tidy up everything at the end of the day, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy your new door.

Installing decorative glass:
We are more than happy to install or replace decorative glass panels above or to the side of your front door. If you would like to keep your original glass design, then we can copy it perfectly so that it looks beautifully traditional, but has all the advantages of modern glass. Alternatively you can opt for a bespoke design, either modern or traditional, including designs in etched and leaded (stained) glass.

Wherever possible, we will install double-glazed units to improve the thermal efficiency of your home entrance. Even our leaded glass panels can be double-glazed!