Project Description

“A quality product” – Cheryl Rudden, customer

At Cotswood, we’ve been working on our door design for more than forty years. Our carpenters combine classic, stunning door shapes with the very latest developments in security and insulation technology.

“The door is beautiful and gives us a feeling of great pride and joy
whenever we come home to see it.” – Vera Lipton, customer

Whether you are after a traditional Georgian front door or a striking 1930s front door, you can be certain that we will get the proportions and detailing exactly right. Your new Cotswood door will look period-perfect.

Not only will your door look superb, it will be secure too. Our product design is based upon strong wedged mortise and tenon joints. The panels are laminated, meaning that they aren’t a weak point. They are also usually set into a thicker than normal door to give extra security and insulation.

“Beautiful door fitted just in time for winter.
When the snow came, it kept us nice and warm.” – Alex Oldham, customer

With our advanced draught-proofing and weather-proofing systems, you can also be sure that your new door will keep your home warm and dry. Our draught-proofing can be fitted all around the door with a weatherbar built into the base, ensuring your home is perfectly protected from the British weather.

To give your new door maximum performance, we suggest making your door hand-in-hand with a brand new frame which will fit like a glove. The frame design we have developed is outstanding. It is machined out of one piece of solid wood for strength, and is fitted with cutting-edge draught-proofing. Having a new doorframe with your new door means that no compromises such as frame repairs or adaptations will need to be made upon installation: you will achieve the best possible result.

We are so confident in the high performance of our designs that we now offer a 12-year guarantee for hand-sprayed Accoya doors. We can offer this guarantee because we know that we have made your door to a superb standard, and we’ve finished it fantastically as well – so it’s going to stand up to the test of time.