Wooden gates


We can make wooden gates to fit any wall or fence. Usually made from strong tongue and groove sheeting, your new gate will be stable and smart, giving you secure access to and from your back garden or passageway. Enquire Now

Internal doors


Glazed interior doors Glazed interior doors are a popular choice due to the light and spacious feel they give to your home. Your glazed doors can have multiple panes of glass in a Georgian style, or you might choose to have one large piece of glass to let as much light through as possible. [...]

Room dividers


Room dividers are ideal for a large interior space, giving you the flexibility to divide the area up into two rooms or open it out into one spacious room. Your room divider will be tailored exactly to your needs. A four-door room divider will give you the option of opening just the two central [...]



At Cotswood, we specialise in making and fitting bespoke doors. We are really proud of our design specification and of our attention to fine detail in the handcrafted joinery we deliver. Some of our customers ask us to make windows too – which we are delighted to do. We put the same effort [...]

Garage Doors


Garages weren’t a typical part of home construction until the 1930s, when semi-detached houses began to be built. Unlike the Victorian terraces, these homes had more space around them, allowing for garages to be built, in line with the growing craze for motor cars. We can design garage doors to suit houses of all [...]

Contemporary Doors


The contemporary front doors we make at Cotswood are constructed with same high-quality traditional techniques we use for all our period doors, but with a modern look and finish. A typical contemporary front door style is usually very simple, often without decorative glass. The look is all about clean, modern lines. A contemporary front [...]

1920s and 1930s Doors


1920 - 1939 The overall look of a 1920s and 1930s front door displayed another distinct change in style. The mid-rail and letterbox (which would previously have been around waist height) shifted further up the door, making the proportions one-third above and two-thirds below. Fashions in panelling were moving on as well, and it [...]