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Building Regulations


At Cotswood we do a range of fire doors to suit the design and style of your home. Fire doors are especially prevalent in new build and loft extensions where doors need to be fire rated to ensure safe passage and escape from a building.


As shown in a passage from the current building regulations as shown below:

B1.v The basic principles for design of means of escape are:


a. That there should be  alternative means of escape from most situations;


b.Where direct escape to a place of safety is not possible to reach a place of relative safety, such as a protected stairway, which is on a route to an exit, within a reasonable travel distance;and

c. In certain conditions, a single direction of escape(a dead end) can be accepted as providing reasonable safety.These conditions depend on the use of the building and its associated fire risk, the size and height of the building, the extent of the dead end and the numbers of persons accommodated within the dead end.


For a full guidance on the regulations please refer to this website:




However our trained staff will happily explain to you about the guidance and advise you on the best solution for your property.

We have shown only a small range of the fire doors that we can do ask at our showroom or over the phone for the possibilities available for your project.



Extra Information


External escape stairs

2.15 where an external stair is provided it should meet the following provisions:

a All doors giving access to the stair should be fire-resisting,except that a fire resisting door is not required at the head of any stair leading downwards where there is only one exit from the building onto the top landing.